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Wegezi Power Holdings - DISCFLO PUMPS's Details

Organisation Name: Wegezi Power Holdings - DISCFLO PUMPS
Organisation Type: Other
Organisation Description: Wegezi Power Holdings (Level 4 B-BBEE Status)is the ONLY Sole agent for Discflo Pumps in RSA and Africa. We provide solutions to difficult pumping problems. WE SELL PUMPS NOT PARTS... In severe applications where abrasion, viscosity, entrained air, excessive wear and corrosion problems wreak havoc on pump systems and degrade products Discflo dramatically reduces pump wear, is virtually clog free, and prevents product damage. * Little maintenance required - So there is little or NO downtime * Disc pumps need few (if any) spare parts * Protects shear-sensitive and delicate solids We are proud to be part of BMG (Bearing Man Group)
Organisation Telephone: 012 386 9490/1
Organisation Fax: 012 386 9416
Web site address: