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Drain Blasters. Fat-Traps. Organic Cleaning's Details

Organisation Name: Drain Blasters. Fat-Traps. Organic Cleaning
Organisation Type: International Agencies and Institutions
Organisation Description: Drain Blasters, is a well established service company based in Sea Point Cape Town. Since .... we have forged a reputation of being innovative and pro-active in our service. Driven by the flagrant abuse of our sewage and storm water systems and the resultant pollution we now have 2 new divisions: Fat-Traps: One of the biggest culprits we identified in the pollution of our water systems is illegal dumping of oil and grease into drains. It is legislated that all establishments using oil and grease must have fat -traps. This until recently was hardly ever enforced. We supply and service fat-traps. Organic Cleaning: This entity supplies environmentally friendly alternatives and innovative solutions. Waterless Urinal - Saves an estimated 200 000 lts per year - per urinal! Cleaning products - Substitutes (price and performance) for the every day cleaners, harsh in their make-up. Eco-Tab - Rehabilitating foul water. Industrial and residential applications.
Organisation Telephone: 021 439 4086
Organisation Fax: 0865778988
Web site address: