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Mapal Green Energy Ltd.'s Details

Organisation Name: Mapal Green Energy Ltd.
Organisation Type: Other
Organisation Description: Mapal Green Energy Ltd., based in the north of Israel, offers innovative proven technology that can significantly reduce the operations and maintenance cost of municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants. In addition to being a technology provider, we offer full process design and support including feasibility studies, design supply and construction, commissioning and start up, and O & M contracts. Our CNM floating fine-bubble aeration system is able to achieve up to 70% reduction in the operations and maintenance cost of waste water treatment facilities equipped with the conventional fixed or floated mechanical surface aerators. Our system is easy, safe to install and operates with no need to interrupt the treatment process or drain the reactors. There is no use of electricity inside the water, therefore it can operate in hazard and aggressive effluent. CNM adjusts to the water level and does not require a flat surface or concrete basin.
Organisation Telephone: 972-4-8200231
Organisation Fax: 972-4-8210440
Web site address: