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Media Releases in 2019

DateMedia Release Title
19 Feb 2019Dam levels in Free State increase slightly
19 Feb 2019Last week’s rain results in noticeable improvement in Mpumalanga water levels
15 Feb 2019Minister Gugile Nkwinti calls for collaborative efforts to lead transformation of the water sector
14 Feb 2019Dam levels in Free State slightly stable
14 Feb 2019Weekly Status of Water Reservoirs in the Northern Cape
14 Feb 2019Eastern Cape dams remain low amid water challenges
13 Feb 2019Minister Gugile Nkwinti remains committed to engage the public on the Mzimvubu Water Project
13 Feb 2019Young scientist to fly the South African flag high in the Netherlands
13 Feb 2019DWS presents an update on the War on Leaks and the Bucket Eradication Programmes at the Portfolio Committee
13 Feb 2019Forum to discuss water issues
12 Feb 2019Water and Sanitation Department in Gauteng calls on water users to reduce water consumption as water levels decline weekly
12 Feb 2019The DWS remains enjoined to ensure security of water supply to all South Africans
12 Feb 2019Mpumalanga water levels improve but water users urged to conserve water
11 Feb 2019Deputy Minister Pamela Tshwete visited the Ngqushwa Local Municipality
06 Feb 2019Weekly Status of Water Reservoirs in the Northern Cape
06 Feb 2019North West water levels improve slightly
06 Feb 2019Western Cape Water Situation
05 Feb 2019Mpumalanga dam levels record an average 1 percent increase
05 Feb 2019DWS in Free State host Provincial BLM (Youth in Water) competitions
05 Feb 2019Slight improvement in dam levels in Eastern Cape but water users warned to curtail water use
03 Feb 2019Cool weather stabilizes South Africa’s dam levels
30 Jan 2019IVRS takes a knock as rainfall remain abnormally low
30 Jan 2019South Africa’s dam levels continue to drop
30 Jan 2019Water levels in Eastern Cape on a decline
30 Jan 2019Weekly Status of Water Reservoirs in the Northern Cape
30 Jan 2019Weekly Status of Water Reservoirs in the Northern Cape
29 Jan 2019Weekend rains bring slight increase in Mpumalanga dam levels
28 Jan 2019Minister Nkwinti meets AmaMpondo Traditional Council and Mbokazi community to discuss the Mbokazi Water Project
25 Jan 2019Eastern Cape dams continue to decline
24 Jan 2019Deputy Minister Pamela Tshwete launches a Water Scientific Services Laboratory set to benefit community in Brits
24 Jan 2019KwaZulu-Natal dam levels remains stable despite summer temperatures
23 Jan 2019DWS responds to calls by OUTA and WSSA for an independent water regulator
23 Jan 2019Continued drop in the Vaal Dam could have serious impact
23 Jan 2019Concern as rainy season fails to impress
23 Jan 2019The Department of Water and Sanitation to host an interactive engagement session with Water Services Authorities (WSAs)
22 Jan 2019Mpumalanga dam levels record a 0.1 percent average decline
22 Jan 2019Minister Nkwinti engaged the AmaMpondomise Royal Council and communities to discuss the Mzimvubu Water Project
22 Jan 2019Western Cape Water Situation
16 Jan 2019DWS encourages Gauteng water users to save the resource as IVRS drops
16 Jan 2019Limpopo residents encouraged to save water
15 Jan 2019Government task team formed to help bereaved family of six-year boy who fell into an open trench in Giyani
15 Jan 2019Hot and wet weather for inland
15 Jan 2019Dam levels in Free State continue to decline
15 Jan 2019Slight increase recorded on average in Mpumalanga dam levels
14 Jan 2019Minister Nkwinti met with Elangeni Traditional Council and the communities to discuss the Mzimvubu Water Project
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