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Media Releases in 2018

DateMedia Release Title
12 Dec 2018Eastern Cape dams remain low
12 Dec 2018Gauteng DWS warns of dire days ahead if water consumption goes unchecked
11 Dec 2018The Department of Water and Sanitation urges citizens to intensify water conservation
05 Dec 2018Eastern Cape dam levels continue to decline
04 Dec 2018National Government relaxes water restrictions for urban and agricultural use in the Western Cape
04 Dec 2018Let us all play a role in water conservation as dam levels continue to drop in the Mpumalanga Province
04 Dec 2018Kwena Dam dips below 40%
04 Dec 2018Nooitgedacht and Vygeboom dams record slight increases in the midst of declining dam levels in the Mpumalanga Province
28 Nov 2018The country’s dam levels drop alarmingly
27 Nov 2018DWS presented an update on the Bucket Eradication Programme to the Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation
21 Nov 2018As dam levels continue to decline, DWS calls on residents to continue saving water
20 Nov 2018The country’s dam levels keep dropping week-on-week
20 Nov 2018Dam levels decline trend continues in Mpumalanga
20 Nov 2018The Vaal Dam remains stable despite Gauteng’s souring temperatures
15 Nov 2018DWS to commemorate World Toilet Day
15 Nov 2018DWS to celebrate World Toilet Day with Ivory Park community
14 Nov 2018Dam levels decline in Free State
14 Nov 2018Dws update on municipal debt to water boards
13 Nov 2018Setsoto sewer overflows to be a thing of the past
13 Nov 2018Decline in Lowveld dam levels continues
13 Nov 2018A proper and safe toilet is needed when nature calls
13 Nov 2018Heatwave continues to affect dam levels as temperatures soar
12 Nov 2018Minister Nkwinti to establish a water use licensing body and an Advisory Water Council
11 Nov 2018Gautengers warned against exposure to hot temperatures
10 Nov 2018Minister Nkwinti calls on innovators to create workable solutions to address water and sanitation sector challenges
08 Nov 2018Minister Nkwinti’s visit to Giyani is postponed
06 Nov 2018Dam levels in the country continue to drop due to lack of rains
06 Nov 2018Lack of rain reduces the country’s dam levels although the situation is better than last year
31 Oct 2018Dam levels succumb to the heat wave - report
30 Oct 2018South Africans will not be flooded this festive season
30 Oct 2018Department of Water and Sanitation appeals for caution during the heatwave
30 Oct 2018Water and Sanitation Innovation and Technology Solutions Exhibition moved to Saturday, 10 November 2018
27 Oct 2018Deputy Minister Tshwete attends AMCOW General Assembly and Africa Water Week in Gabon
24 Oct 2018Weekend rains fill up Gauteng dams
24 Oct 2018IVRS drops weekly, consumers called to play a role to save water
23 Oct 2018Nkangala District dam levels continue to drop
23 Oct 2018Mixed reaction to weekend rainfall in Gert Sibande District dams
22 Oct 2018DWS Limpopo celebrates Global Handwashing Day
22 Oct 2018Water situation in Oudtshoorn a serious concern
17 Oct 2018The Department of Water and Sanitation issues water safety alerts as flash floods batter Tshwane
17 Oct 2018Water and Sanitation Innovation and Technology Solutions Exhibition postponed to 09 November 2018
16 Oct 2018Drop on average water levels in Mpumalanga continues despite recent rains
15 Oct 2018DWS in Eastern Cape to celebrate Global Hand Washing Day
12 Oct 2018Water and Sanitation Innovation and Technology Solutions Exhibition postponed
11 Oct 2018Handwashing saves lives
11 Oct 2018DWS to raise awareness of good hygiene on Global Handwashing Day
10 Oct 2018DWS to raise awareness on Global Handwashing Day
10 Oct 2018Limpopo resedents are encouraged to save water
09 Oct 2018Mpumalanga dam levels continue to drop amid increasing temperatures
09 Oct 2018The Department of Water and Sanitation pays off Lepelle Northern Water for the completion of Giyani Bulk Water Supply project
09 Oct 2018DWS to host Water and Sanitation Innovation and Technology Solutions Exhibition
08 Oct 2018The joint raising of the Clanwilliam Dam wall gets underway
07 Oct 2018Vaal Dam and other dams continue to decline as water use rises
04 Oct 2018Construction companies to be briefed in Gauteng in November on Lesotho Highlands Water Project Phase 2
02 Oct 2018DWS welcomes audit outcomes announced by Auditor-General
02 Oct 2018Dam levels in the Highveld continue to decline
01 Oct 2018Water users cautioned to use water wisely despite increase in dam levels in the Western Cape
01 Oct 2018Lesotho Highlands Development Authority to empower construction
01 Oct 2018DWS strengthens stakeholder engagement through Community Management Forums
01 Oct 2018Provincial Joint Tactical Committee on water established in Free State
25 Sep 2018SADC countries give progress on their SDGs commitments
25 Sep 2018War-on-Leaks trainees will soon get their stipend
19 Sep 2018IVRS declines as the temperatures hit up
18 Sep 2018Good rains continue in the Western Cape
17 Sep 2018Driefontein Bulk Water Supply Project to supply rural communities
17 Sep 2018DWS Calls on Everyone to Use Water Wisely
17 Sep 2018Deputy Minister Tshwete Hands Over 10 Water Tankers to ADM
14 Sep 2018Minister Nkwinti addressed Technical stakeholder meeting on Mzimvubu Water Project
14 Sep 2018SA is ready to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 6 – Water Sector Leadership Group
12 Sep 2018DWS today presented on its 2017/18 Quarter 4 performance at the Portfolio Committee
12 Sep 2018Weekend downpours bring relief in Eastern Cape, raise dam levels in Western Cape
12 Sep 2018Eastern Cape dam levels improve due to recent rains
12 Sep 2018Vaal Dam decreasing slightly week-on-week
11 Sep 2018Water levels in Lowveld dams continue to decline
10 Sep 2018Dams in the Algoa Bay area see an upward movement
10 Sep 2018Update on the Western Cape water situation
05 Sep 2018Consumers called upon to save water as experts predict dry spell
05 Sep 2018Stringent water restrictions needed to avoid water shortages in drought stricken areas of Eastern Cape
05 Sep 2018Limpopo residents encouraged to continue saving water
05 Sep 2018DWS Media Statement on Meeting at Joint Meeting at SCOA and PC on Water and Sanitation
04 Sep 2018DWS has transferred funds to Rand Water for War on Leaks programme
04 Sep 2018The DWS remains seized with finding solutions to the pollution in the Vaal River
04 Sep 2018South Africa and China signs MOU on water resources cooperation
04 Sep 2018Man found dead in a trench of a DWS water project
04 Sep 2018Decline in Mpumalanga water levels continues
03 Sep 2018Water users encouraged to save water in the drought stricken Nelson Mandela Bay and Kouga
30 Aug 2018SA’s water future on the map at World Water Week 2018
30 Aug 2018DWS committed to finalising the Nooitgedagt Water Project
29 Aug 2018DWS presents an update on the Water & Sanitation Master Plan at the Portfolio Committee
29 Aug 2018Dam levels in the Free State decreased slightly
29 Aug 2018The Department steps in at Kouga to avert a looming water disaster
29 Aug 2018IVRS in good state as major dams continue to fall slightly
28 Aug 2018Let’s work together for water security
27 Aug 2018Significant rains welcomed, but we are not out of the woods yet
24 Aug 2018Municipalities are failing to collect revenue
23 Aug 2018Water situation in the Eastern Cape is cause for concern
23 Aug 2018Confirmation of South African representation at the Stockholm World Water Week
22 Aug 2018Western Cape dam levels approach the 60% mark
21 Aug 2018DWS and NEHAWU commit themselves to hasten the implementation of a labour agreement
15 Aug 2018Gauteng dams decline, slightly affecting the IVRS
14 Aug 2018Dam levels
14 Aug 2018DWS is committed to the implementation of the agreement with NEHAWU
13 Aug 2018Cornelis River Dam completed
13 Aug 2018The DWS and Rand Water provide an update on the Sebokeng Regional Sewer Scheme
10 Aug 2018Construction at Clanwilliam Dam set to commence in October
10 Aug 2018Water users advised to use water wisely
09 Aug 2018DWS to host Water and Sanitation Innovation and Technology Solutions Exhibition
07 Aug 2018Eastern Cape dam levels stable BUT Nelson Mandela Bay is becoming a concern
07 Aug 2018Use water wisely as Mpumalanga water levels continue to drop
07 Aug 2018The Vaal Dam is slightly up this week while other dams decline
02 Aug 2018Lack of rain in major parts of the country decreases dam levels slightly
01 Aug 2018The Vaal Dam levels resilient, water users credited for saving
01 Aug 2018Mpumalanga records a 0.4% drop in water volumes
31 Jul 2018DWS and partners clean Molopo River as part of Mandela Month activities
31 Jul 2018DWS working hard for quality and safe water for Tekwane South residents
27 Jul 2018Minister Nkwinti and MEC Moiloa met and signed agreement with the Community Steering Committee of the Sedibeng Water Treatment Plant to resolve challenges experienced in the project
25 Jul 2018Water restrictions still in place in most parts of the country
25 Jul 2018Co-operatives to receive Jojo Tanks as part of the rainwater harvesting and irrigation infrastructure programme
25 Jul 2018DWS took the media on a tour to Mogalakwena Bulk Water Supply project
24 Jul 2018DWS lifts water restrictions in the Olifants River System
18 Jul 2018DWS spearheads the cleaning of Klip River to mark Mandela Day
18 Jul 2018Cleaning rivers and streams for water security on Mandela Day
18 Jul 2018Cleaning the Brugspruit for water security and a healthy environment on Mandela Day
18 Jul 2018DWS spearheads the cleaning of Mutale River to mark Mandela Day
16 Jul 2018Help save our rivers from being polluted
16 Jul 2018DWS to clean up dirty rivers to mark Mandela Day
13 Jul 2018Ministers Sanction the Implementation of Phase II of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project
11 Jul 2018DWS Minister undertakes first Ministerial visit to Lesotho
10 Jul 2018Torrential rains change the water fortunes in the Western Cape
10 Jul 2018IVRS remains strong despite fluctuations over weeks
10 Jul 2018DWS - Cobra partnership empowers communities to be water-wise for water security in our water scarce country
09 Jul 2018Minister Nkwinti met with SBDM municipalities to address water challenges
09 Jul 2018DWS to consult stakeholders in the water sector on Raw Water Tariffs
09 Jul 2018Update on the Western Cape water situation
09 Jul 2018DWS contextualizes its intent on the War on Leaks programme
04 Jul 2018Heavy rains improve Western Cape dams substantially
02 Jul 2018Significant rain brings much needed relief to the Western Cape
29 Jun 2018Let us clean and keep our rivers pollution free for water security
29 Jun 2018Minister Nkwinti signs a Memorandum of Cooperation with Japanese Government
27 Jun 2018Limpopo residence are encouraged to continue saving water
27 Jun 2018Free State schools swept clean at Baswa le Meetsi competitions
27 Jun 2018Somcuba Primary comes second in Baswa Le Meetse national adjudications
27 Jun 2018South Africa hosted the joint meeting of SADC Ministers of Energy and Water
26 Jun 2018Dam levels stable this week
25 Jun 2018Baswa le Meetse National Competitions under way in Boksburg
25 Jun 2018Minister Nkwinti opens WISA Conference
22 Jun 2018DWS and partners raise canal safety awareness in Oukasie
20 Jun 2018Integrated Vaal River System suffers a slight drop this every week
20 Jun 2018DWS in Free State engages Traditional Leaders on water and sanitation issues
20 Jun 2018Clear River Campaign to honour Madiba
20 Jun 2018The latest on the Western Cape water situation
15 Jun 2018Minister nkwinti pays his first visit to the Hartbeespoort Dam
13 Jun 2018Dam levels in the Northern Cape Province on a weekly rise
12 Jun 2018Mpumalanga Province records a decline in water levels
12 Jun 2018DWS working around the clock to ensure that Northern Cape residents do not run out of water
12 Jun 2018National dam levels
11 Jun 2018Western Cape Water situation
09 Jun 2018DWS Minister Nkwinti took time to engage with Bloemwater and Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality
08 Jun 2018Handing Over of the Struisbaai Wastewater Treatment Works
06 Jun 2018Minister Nkwinti announces bold steps to turn around the Department of Water and Sanitation
06 Jun 2018The Vaalharts Storage weir in the Northern Cape records 19.9% increase
05 Jun 2018Minister Gugile Nkwinti launches Nestle South Africa Zero Water Technologies Plant
05 Jun 2018IVRS drops week-on-week, consumers called to keep daily use in check
31 May 2018Northern Cape Dam levels show a further dip this week
31 May 2018Free State dam levels slightly decreases
31 May 2018The water crisis remains critical in Nelson Mandela Bay
31 May 2018Average water levels drop in the Mpumalanga Province
29 May 2018Dam levels
29 May 2018DWS to award bursaries to three learners from Living Faith Combined School
25 May 2018DWS denies any link to former SARS boss, Jonas Makwakwa
24 May 2018The Department of Water and Sanitation celebrates Africa through water co-operation
23 May 2018DWS and Cobra cooperation empowers Water and Sanitation Forums
23 May 2018DWS refutes claims made by OUTA on the cost of toilets
23 May 2018Northern Cape Province dam levels plummet
23 May 2018Always take extra care and be safe around canals
23 May 2018Limpopo residents encouraged to save water
22 May 2018The importance of water safety
22 May 2018DWS, Cobra cooperation agreement will result in Water and Sanitation forums trained on fixing leaking taps
22 May 2018Mpumalanga Province records slight drop in water levels
22 May 2018Minister Nkwinti announces bold steps to turn around the Department of Water and Sanitation
17 May 2018Drought still upon Nelson Mandela Metro
17 May 2018Minister Nkwinti to deliver the 2018/2019 Budget Vote Speech
14 May 2018Let’s prevent vandalism and work together to keep our canals safe
13 May 2018DWS Minister Nkwinti continues with a positive engaging leadership to ensure water projects are prioritised
09 May 2018Consumers must save more as Gauteng major dams’ levels fall slightly
08 May 2018DWS warns the public to use water sparingly as the rainy season comes to an end
08 May 2018DWS to fully support and cooperate with the parliamentary inquiry
08 May 2018Water use efficiency is key to the future of South Africa
08 May 2018Dam levels in the Northern Cape remain satisfactory
08 May 2018Average water levels are now stable in Mpumalanga
08 May 2018Water levels in Gert Sibande District dams continue to drop
08 May 2018Sanitation Month to kick off
07 May 2018Knysna High School scooped position one during the WC provincial South African Youth Water Prize competition over the weekend.
03 May 2018Low dam levels in Nelson Mandela Bay a concern
03 May 2018Gauteng dams record slight decrease, public urged to conserve and reuse water
02 May 2018DWS to fast track payments for WOL trainees
02 May 2018DWS tables its 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan to the Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation
26 Apr 2018Young innovators win provincial SAYWP competition with water saving initiatives
25 Apr 2018Water released from Berg River Dam reaches Misverstand Dam
25 Apr 2018IVRS increases while some major dams fall slightly
25 Apr 2018Rainfall season brings relief to most parts of the country
24 Apr 2018Update on the release of water from Berg River Dam to Misverstand Dam
23 Apr 2018Misverstand Dam water release updates
23 Apr 2018Necessity for water use licensing
19 Apr 2018Progress on the Middledrift Water Treatment Works
19 Apr 2018Water users cautioned to save water despite increase in dam levels in Free State
18 Apr 2018Water levels improve nationally with the exception of Western Cape
18 Apr 2018Communities urged to protect water infrastructure to ensure effective water supply
17 Apr 2018Keep using water wisely despite improving dam levels
17 Apr 2018Water competition gets learners involved in water management
17 Apr 2018Lowveld dams continue to improve
17 Apr 2018The Integrated Vaal River System continues with its impressive record
17 Apr 2018DWS and Nigerian counterparts embrace through water bilateral
12 Apr 2018Gauteng dam levels improve while Western Cape continues to decline
12 Apr 2018Dam levels improve in the Eastern Cape but water users still urged to use water wisely
10 Apr 2018Mpumalanga dam levels remain stable
10 Apr 2018Driekoppies Dam reaches the 60% mark
05 Apr 2018Free State dam levels show improvement
04 Apr 2018Nkangala District records decline in dam levels
04 Apr 2018Gauteng dams increased, water users urged to use less as winter approaches
03 Apr 2018Easter rains bring much needed relief
29 Mar 2018Heavy rains bring hope to the Modimolle and Mookgopong towns
28 Mar 2018The Department of Water and Sanitation takes a farmer to court
28 Mar 2018Gauteng dam levels on the rise, consumers called to conserve more water
27 Mar 2018Nelson Mandela Bay area continues to face water challenges
27 Mar 2018Dam levels increase considerable in Free State
27 Mar 2018Recent downpours lift Mpumalanga water levels
22 Mar 2018Water levels in the country remain a concern
22 Mar 2018DWS celebrates World Water Day with Diplomats in the country
22 Mar 2018The IVRS increases following two weeks of stagnation
19 Mar 2018Water Month kicks off in March
19 Mar 2018Working together to make every drop count
16 Mar 2018Brace yourself for exciting and informative DWS National Water Week events
14 Mar 2018DWS dismisses rumours about water shutdown in Free State
14 Mar 2018More Supplies from Mohokare Bulk Water Scheme project
13 Mar 2018DWS comes to an agreement with NEHAWU
13 Mar 2018The Department of Water and Sanitation intervenes in the Modimolle, Limpopo, drought situation
13 Mar 2018EC Dam levels improved
08 Mar 2018Statement on NEHAWU strike action
07 Mar 2018Dam levels nationally improve slightly with concerns in some provinces
07 Mar 2018IVRS records a drop in levels after weeks of increase
07 Mar 2018Dam levels improves this week
06 Mar 2018Water levels improve in Ehlanzeni District dams
06 Mar 2018Average dam levels decrease in Mpumalanga due to declines in Gert Sibande and Nkangala Districts water levels
05 Mar 2018DWS and Partners Celebrate International Women’s Day
28 Feb 2018Slight improvement in Mpumalanga dam levels due to recent rains
27 Feb 2018DWS making progress in reducing overdraft amidst growing municipal water debt
25 Feb 2018DWS hosted a media tour at the Theewaterskloof Dam depicting drilling work and status of the dam
22 Feb 2018DWS reconstruct Mpumalanga Popenyana canal to improve service
20 Feb 2018Theewaterskloof Dam Media Tour
20 Feb 2018DWS is still committed to finalizing the project to raise the Clanwilliam Dam wall
19 Feb 2018Department of Water and Sanitation hold hands with other departments for a second phase of the enforcement blitz
15 Feb 2018DWS launches #SaveWater Ambassador Programme for Cape Town
14 Feb 2018IVRS on the rise this week despite some dams taking a knock
14 Feb 2018Mpumalanga water levels continue dropping
13 Feb 2018Slight improvement on our dam levels
09 Feb 2018The outcomes of the Inter-Ministerial Task Team meeting on Drought and Water Scarcity held on 30 January 2018
08 Feb 2018Free State dam levels show slight increase
06 Feb 2018Richards Bay Desalination plant improving water security
29 Jan 2018Training Workshop for Councilors to improve quality of services on water and sanitation
27 Jan 2018National Water and Sanitation Master Plan necessary for growth
26 Jan 2018DWS and the City of Cape Town conduct a joint operation blitz
25 Jan 2018DWS engages Mpumalanga stakeholders on the National Water and Sanitation Master Plan
25 Jan 2018DWS and the City of Cape Town conduct a joint operation blitz
25 Jan 2018Water levels in Free State dropping week on week
24 Jan 2018Minister Mokonyane on Western Cape Water Crisis and Day Zero
23 Jan 2018Water storage across Eastern Cape is very low
23 Jan 2018Scarce rain, scorching heat shrink Gauteng dam levels
23 Jan 2018National Water and Sanitation Master Plan workshop
17 Jan 2018South Africa’s dams continue to slide
17 Jan 2018Mpumalanga records slight decrease in dam levels
07 Jan 2018Water released from Theewaterskloof Dam is not being wasted
07 Jan 2018Water from private boreholes is not meant for sale
05 Jan 2018DWS and AGRI-SA meet to address drought challenges facing the agricultural sector in the Western Cape
05 Jan 2018Water levels on a decline, everyone must save water
04 Jan 2018Free State dam levels show a sign of decline
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