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18 Jul 2018DWS spearheads the cleaning of Klip River to mark Mandela Day
18 Jul 2018Cleaning rivers and streams for water security on Mandela Day
18 Jul 2018Cleaning the Brugspruit for water security and a healthy environment on Mandela Day
18 Jul 2018DWS spearheads the cleaning of Mutale River to mark Mandela Day
16 Jul 2018Help save our rivers from being polluted
16 Jul 2018DWS to clean up dirty rivers to mark Mandela Day
13 Jul 2018Ministers Sanction the Implementation of Phase II of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project
11 Jul 2018DWS Minister undertakes first Ministerial visit to Lesotho
10 Jul 2018Torrential rains change the water fortunes in the Western Cape
10 Jul 2018IVRS remains strong despite fluctuations over weeks
10 Jul 2018DWS - Cobra partnership empowers communities to be water-wise for water security in our water scarce country
09 Jul 2018DWS to consult stakeholders in the water sector on Raw Water Tariffs
09 Jul 2018Update on the Western Cape water situation
09 Jul 2018Minister Nkwinti met with SBDM municipalities to address water challenges
09 Jul 2018DWS contextualizes its intent on the War on Leaks programme
04 Jul 2018Heavy rains improve Western Cape dams substantially
02 Jul 2018Significant rain brings much needed relief to the Western Cape
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